Facing my Body Insecurities

Body Insecurities. Some are little and some impact your day-to-day life. Some insecurities of yours may pop up only in certain situations, and some will be on your mind every single day. Maybe it began with the first Disney films we watched – princesses changing themselves so that the prince will fall in love with them.…

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A Book for Christmas – 2018

Whether you’re giving a gift or you just fancy something to read over the festive season I thought I’d compile a bit of a handy guide. This is based on what I’ve read this year and contains the stories that stayed with me long after I’d finished reading.

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Healthy lifestyles are too expensive

Healthy Lifestyle. No, I’m not talking about shake replacements or yoga retreats. I’m talking about eating healthily plain and simple. Over the last few years, it’s been quite a focus. Things like Slimming World have burst onto the dieting scene, making it more obvious than ever that it is, in fact, very easy to eat…

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